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Corporate Event Facility in Brisbane

If you are looking for something unique to

Then this is the perfect facility to meet all those needs. This experience is safe, gets the heart pumping and it is challenging enough to make you want to keep progressing.

Your racers will feel what is like to sit in a replica Formula 1 model car and virtual race, figuring out the methods of taking corners correctly and increasing your lap time as much as possible. Your group will have the option to choose from the 2013 racing season circuits. This is your opportunity to show your group who is the fastest virtual racer and have bragging rights until beaten.

We have a 2.4m x 1.2m screen setup for custom use for sports, photos, videos or music entertainment.

Also available is a 9m x 5m room that opens onto the simulators which can be used for dance floor, product display, catering and or whatever custom use you would like it for.

For all inquiries, please give us a call on 0403 871 477 or send us an email.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

All enquiries call 0403 871 477 or click here.
Live Race Results

Open Thursday, Saturday and Sundays by appointment only!